Most event hire companies offer similar services but the most important thing to consider is simply this; only work with reputable, experienced and reliable professionals, in other words work with Theba Function Hire, Johannesburg’s Premier catering hire company. We have access to a wide range of contemporary catering products that are impressive and on trend, making it possible for you to plan the event you want without giving up any niceties. We have earned our reputation for excellence, based not only on our well regarded catering and event hires but for our artistic flair, attention to detail and exceptional service.
We know what people want and more importantly, what they need to host the perfect event. Where ever your imagination takes you, when you partner with Theba Function Hire Catering Hire Johannesburg, you can rest assured that your special event will be perfect. We will pay close attention to what you want to accomplish whether it’s something low key yet stylish, or grand but not out of your price range.

How we deliver the results is simple; we work side by side with you ensure that your special event is the absolute best that it can be. After all, you only have one chance to impress, so as you make plans for the big day, make calling us the first thing on your things to do list, and let us play a part in making your event a spectacular success; all the special services we offer (basically everything you could possibly need for your event) will make all the difference; a difference your guests will appreciate.

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